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Shinypodden S02E26: Skivan The Next Day från 2013.

Låtlista “The Next Day”:

  1. The next day
  2. Dirty boys
  3. The stars (are out tonight)
  4. Love is lost
  5. Where are we now?
  6. Valentine’s Day
  7. If you can see me
  8. I’d be rather high
  9. Boss of me
  10. Dancing out in space
  11. How does the grass grow?
  12. (You will) Set the world on fire
  13. You feel so lonely you could die
  14. Heat

Låtlista “The Next Day Extra”:

  1. Atomica
  2. Love is lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA)
  3. Plan
  4. The informer
  5. I’d rather be high (Venetian mix)
  6. Like a rocket man
  7. Born in a UFO
  8. I’ll take you there
  9. God bless the girl
  10. So she

Länk till The Next Day på spotify

Länk till The Next Day Extra på spotify (kort version, övriga tre låtar länkas till youtube nedan… )

Show notes:

Betygen: Olof 10/10, Henke 8/10


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